by Soma Sonoma

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released July 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Soma Sonoma Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Knifey
would you be my open arms
would you be my life
would you be my wrecking ball
would you be my knife

time has lost its way of passing by
i lost what it takes to feel alive

knock on all my dirty doors
but baby I'm not home
remind me what I'm working for
I fight my fight alone

if I could stop this pain by being sly
then I'd spread out like raven's wings and fly

I might miss you
and I'll write pages
with this old guitar

but I aint gonna give you
the time I've wasted
to win your open arms

you caught me lookin, I'm so bad
you got me locked in tight
but my escape is in my hands
I'm faster than your eyes

I'll find another way to breathe and thrive
I'll run like a river or a race just to be outside

you can't take my heart forever
you can't take my soul forever
you can't take my love forever
you can't take it no more

I won't take another step
I won't wait inside your web
and I won't break myself again
I won't cry no more
Track Name: Falling of the Leaves Forever
I am only floating cause the tree got tired
when autumn falls upon me I will fly
and brush through all the branches like a forest fire
try to wake them up before they die

I alone could not inspire breath or beauty
I alone could not get oh so high
so as the ground approaches and the wind blows through me
I will make its sound my battle cry

so far away from the place that I once grew
I'm floating on

oh the lush green innocence I knew so briefly
oh the yellow fear that made it flee
and gave me to the breeze that blows so soft and sweetly
there's nowhere that I'd rather like to be

I am not the way I was when I first woke up
summer days became my closest friend
but the suns sweet rays burned through me till I longed for cold
just like the kind that came along with the autumn wind

so far away from the brown that made me blue
I'm floating on

carry me sweet sky
I'll long before I die
let me be enclosed in the vastness heaven knows
and as my light fades down
I await the patient ground
let the years break through
so that life can start anew

open me sweet wind
like a door that never ends
and fetch me from the fear
that brought the autumn here
Track Name: Silk Lace Georgeousface
I heard you almost say I love you like a hundred times
and it felt so beautiful. oh your joy is my delight
we sat like distant best friends using up the telephone lines
and we watched our worries fade
send a smile from yours to mine
standing in circles will we ever get to waltz the straight line
oh you know you can find me there
oh you know you can find me gracing the same old stage as the stars and the crickets and the moonlight
waiting on your hand in mine
longing for your shoulder

I love you like the light does, dear.
On your face it looks divine, like a radiant peace of mind
I love you like the grass that sways
in fields that roll like endless waves
breeze that blows our cares away.

you open up your arms and I will be at home when I'm inside
cause I'm lost like a dragonfly
floating through the sad, dark sky
painted reflections of our dreams are drawn across the daytime
how the sun and moon collide
while the silly sparks ignite
catch every moment in the wake of the torrent
that your smiling face supplied
oh it's oh so beautiful, oh it's oh so bright

I love you like the rain does, babe
when it falls on your wounded face
with its cold, sweet, bitter taste
I love you like a warm embrace
and when they throw their stones I'll stay
wrapped around you like silk lace
Track Name: Violets
got a ticket to fly
the rhythm is my alibi
pulsating delight
I aint blue tonight
I'm just happy to be under the sky
few rounds with the world
but I aint tired and I aint hurled
all my thoughts through the air
I'll play them anywhere
no I don't really care,

what a sinister night owl I can be
light it up till it's bright out outside
take me down with your violence
take me down with your violence I won't die

I won't dissapear
I'll say it loud, I'll say it clear
through the battlefield I ride
and I get down here
said what can be said
with fancy words immortalized my regret
I gotta see something more
gotta see something I won't forget

what a sinister night owl I can be
light it up till it's bright out outside
take me down with your violence
I'll be covered in violets and sunshine

cause I don't know the difference between right and wrong
and I don't care to find out
I don't want no walls between anyone
and I don't want to be tied down
Track Name: Shinytime
put your heart up for grabs
face your giants and laugh
as you stare them to snake size

watch the rim of your glass
cause so much more than half
is filled

you got a letter from love
every time you look up
and wave at the daylight

you wait for heaven above
while all you do is shine

find your
subtle little smile inside
find your light
( and let it shine )

hear the sound in the sky
like a song ya can't write down if ya tried

forever fathom the face
of always and always and always
be certain

life is magical like a madrical
makin savage beasts break bread

you don't have to pull you
you don't have to struggle
you can laugh and still be fed
Track Name: Unspoken
take me in your arms
I'm the one who loves you
break free
rule your heart
with the song of your escape
and maybe
we'll belong to a love that has no limit
or maybe
we'll be wrong and we'll crash before we craze

the bright sky overhead don't seem so big
let's crash through it

tell me I belong but I won't believe your whispers
watched hell freeze to write this song
and I'm gone with no escape
the bells ring in your honor
void of all their vision
the sound sings
to soothe the sorrows of all who saw their stage

the walls of wandering stone don't seem so strong
let's take them on
and where we want to go we'll break the dawn

we've waited for so long
we tried to reach the end
we are the silent ones
we are the unspoken
Track Name: Seasons Drift
sweet December
sullen shades of grey
tweak the timbre
of the only endless song that nature sang

frozen fortress
a starving sword to slice through summers soul
out of focusout of love and out of our control

and the way it looks
we'll all sleep sound tonight
the foundations shook
but the joy is still inside

lush of empires
morning of new birth
dawn of desire
shine across the heavens and the earth
learned our lesson
and now we're all just glad to greet the day
no more questions
no more hurt, and no more hate

and the way it looks
we'll all resound through time
like same three words
that bound your heart to mine

alive and well
and overall, we're almost satisfied

the seasons swell
and shrivel up
and fade behind the light
every ancient shell is broken off
and all are back to life
with our broken arms we greet the day
and wave across the tide

follow the fall and you'll live forever
rest inside the rest and you'll disappear
strum on the strings and we'll sing together
we brought it all back home and we made it clear

the drift of change is near
Track Name: Lost Forgotten Mess
time don't waste itself on the dead
they got no hope
they got no worries
and we got something that can't be said
in a song I wrote
while the world looks blurry
what a passing phase is our joy
what a short sweet moment are our tears

oh the same old story's been told through the years
we're all just animals
living on our islands here.

let me linger my heart won't break
in the mess I've made
though it's cracked and empty
I'll rest on the shoulderof passing things
till it's all undone
till the song that's in me

don't sound like the ones they wanna hear
don't march to the beat of their drum
if it ever did I'd be lost in love
but I'm intangible
and I'm scared of growing up