Falling of the Leaves Forever

from by Soma Sonoma



I am only floating cause the tree got tired
when autumn falls upon me I will fly
and brush through all the branches like a forest fire
try to wake them up before they die

I alone could not inspire breath or beauty
I alone could not get oh so high
so as the ground approaches and the wind blows through me
I will make its sound my battle cry

so far away from the place that I once grew
I'm floating on

oh the lush green innocence I knew so briefly
oh the yellow fear that made it flee
and gave me to the breeze that blows so soft and sweetly
there's nowhere that I'd rather like to be

I am not the way I was when I first woke up
summer days became my closest friend
but the suns sweet rays burned through me till I longed for cold
just like the kind that came along with the autumn wind

so far away from the brown that made me blue
I'm floating on

carry me sweet sky
I'll long before I die
let me be enclosed in the vastness heaven knows
and as my light fades down
I await the patient ground
let the years break through
so that life can start anew

open me sweet wind
like a door that never ends
and fetch me from the fear
that brought the autumn here


from topeka, released July 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Soma Sonoma Denver, Colorado

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