from by Soma Sonoma



would you be my open arms
would you be my life
would you be my wrecking ball
would you be my knife

time has lost its way of passing by
i lost what it takes to feel alive

knock on all my dirty doors
but baby I'm not home
remind me what I'm working for
I fight my fight alone

if I could stop this pain by being sly
then I'd spread out like raven's wings and fly

I might miss you
and I'll write pages
with this old guitar

but I aint gonna give you
the time I've wasted
to win your open arms

you caught me lookin, I'm so bad
you got me locked in tight
but my escape is in my hands
I'm faster than your eyes

I'll find another way to breathe and thrive
I'll run like a river or a race just to be outside

you can't take my heart forever
you can't take my soul forever
you can't take my love forever
you can't take it no more

I won't take another step
I won't wait inside your web
and I won't break myself again
I won't cry no more


from topeka, released July 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Soma Sonoma Denver, Colorado

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